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About the Farmhouse

A tiny seed was planted on a balcony on the lower east side of New York City’s Clinton St. where Dora’s first garden was planted... it was carried to the Admiral Dot Farm in Cornville, Maine, the founder’s family namesake farm, and that’s where our story begins …

A woman run business, Dora Tavel-Sanchez Luz, has over twenty five years of combined experience working in restaurants in Los Angeles, New York City, and Boston. 


Planted in Needham, is this cozy, farm-to-table restaurant which sources organic and local ingredients.  Their staff is passionate about food, libations, and caring for the guest.  They strive to enrich each guest's experience by providing warm, knowledgeable, unpretentious service and hospitality. 


All are welcome. Dora journeyed around New England to use reclaimed wood from barns being torn down and old dilapidated farm houses to create the rustic ambience that we boast.


In the Farmhouse, it is our hope you will feel transplanted to a rustic elegant farmhouse, like their family farm in Cornville, Maine - enjoying the hand-crafted cocktails and clean flavors of local, organic, contemporary American cuisine.

Our kickstarter campaign 

The farmhouse is a contemporary American farm to table restaurant owned and operated by a husband and wife team.   We have combined over 35 years of restaurant experience and are thrilled to take care of you at the farmhouse.  We promise you will  be delighted with the amazing clean flavors and genuine hospitality ...

From the Press


"It’s no wonder, then, that The Farmhouse is pleasant — memorably so. It’s a home at the end of a long journey."


"An elegant-yet rustic experience for diners at the restaurant’s 16-seat communal table and cozy bar." 


"A comfortable escape."

the farmhouse's press
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